Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My personal view on Vaccinations

I just read an article about how vaccines are perfectly safe, don't cause autism, and everybody should go get their kid shot up quick like.
While I never believed that vaccines cause autism, I still don't think we go about it the right way. I totally get the point of vaccines: give the baby's immune system a taste of the virus so it will make anitbodies and (hopefully) fight off the virus later in life. But, it takes approximately 6 months for a brand new immune system to get fully functional, so why would you shoot a complex virus into that fledgling immune system so early? Most places won't let a newborn go home until it's had at least one shot. And then that is followed by several more, and a flu shot over the next few months. To me, this is like taking that 6 month old child and expecting him/her to do calculus! There is training involved (to do anything well), so I say again, why give a brand spanking new immune system the chemical equivalent of long division? It doesn't make any sense.

When I do become a Mom, which I hope will be very soon, I plan to do all I can with my diet to strengthen my baby's immune system. By getting lots of probiotics (which make up approximately 80% of your immune system) from foods like sauerkraut, miso and a probiotic supplement like Bio-K+, and opting for Homeopathic vaccines. For those of you not familiar, Homeopathy is a form of medicine where subtances are hyper diluted to give the body a "blueprint" to use to treat symptoms and (in this case) give the body a simpler "blueprint" than a chemical vaccine to use to make antibodies. Not to mention that chemical vaccines have heavy metal preservatives and stabilizers and all manner of other crud solely to keep them from going bad while stored over time. Homeopathy has none of that a no side effects. But, although they are approved by the FDA, the general public has no idea they exist nor access to them. If you want to check out homeopathic vaccines, find a Homeopathic Practitioner near you.

This comes from two of my life experiences: first, I had chicken pox as a baby, after I had been vaccinated for it, and then I got it again, from children I was nannying when I was 24. Their mother, who was a nurse, swore up and down it was absolutely impossible, yet there I was, covered in scabs and feverish. Second, my cat Zydeco was killed when the vet gave him too much feline leukemia vaccine, he died painfully, within a few months of the shot. So, you can see why my faith in vaccines is shaky at best.
All I can say is do your own research, ask questions and follow your heart.

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